Std 10 Social Science Paper Set

Std 10 Social Science Paper Set

Std 10 Social Science Paper Set 2020-21

Std 10 Social Science Paper Set 2020-21. 4 Paper Set By Mahesana Zilla Shikshan Sang 2020-21 New 70 %. Gujarat Secondary Education Board has cut the syllabus of each subject to 70% due to covid 19. According to this syllabus for the year 2020-21, the important board examination of standard 10 and standard 12 is scheduled to be taken on May 10, 2021.

Today I am giving you 4 question papers on social science subjects (as per 70%). These question papers are prepared by expert teachers. Which will be very useful for board exams. You can study it and get good marks.

GSEB is currently in the process of filling up the online form. This year is an excellent opportunity for repeat students to pass the exam. So work hard and achieve your goal, best of luck.

Std 10 Social Science Paper Set 2020-21

Gseb Chapters Names Of Std 10 Social Science in the English Language

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1: Heritage of India
2: Cultural Heritage of India: Traditional Handicraft and Fine Arts
3: Cultural Heritage of India: Sculpture and Architecture
4: Literary Heritage of India
5: India’s Heritage of Science and Technology
6: Places of Indian Cultural Heritage
7: Preservation of Our Heritage
8: Natural Resources
9: Forests and Wildlife Resources
10: India: Agriculture
11: India: Water Resources
12: India: Minerals and Energy Resources
13: Manufacturing Industries
14: Transportation, Communication, and Trade
15: Economic Development
16: Economic Liberalization and Globalization
17: Economic Problems and Challenges: Poverty and Unemployment
18: Price Rise and Consumer Awareness
19: Human Development
20: Social Problems of India and Challenges
21: Social Change

Download GSEB Class 10 Social Science Textbook PDFs -Gujarati Medium

Social Science is an important subject in Class 10. But as the subject is completely theoretical, some students find it boring whereas some others find it difficult due to its vast syllabus. Students also lack writing skills and are often confused about how much to write in a particular question of Social Science.

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To help them perform well in the Social Sciences, we have provided here the NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Social Science that will prove to be a perfect solution to all their problems. We bring here the NCERT Solutions for all four books of Class 10 Social Science.

4 part in Std 10 Social Science Subject

  • History – India and Contemporary World II
  • Geography – Contemporary India II
  • Political Science – Democratic Politics II
  • Economics – Understanding Economic Development

The Class 10 Social Science subject is purely theoretical. Students mostly get confused on how elaborately they should write their answers, to get good marks in the exam. So, to help them with this, we have provided the NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Social Science. These solutions contain the chapter-wise answers to History, Geography, Political Science, and Economics subjects of Class 10.

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Going through the solutions will help students understand how much explanation is required for any particular question. In the exam, students must first check the marks allocated to a question and then should answer it accordingly. If the question is asked for 1 mark or 2 marks, then students don’t need to give a substantial explanation. But if a question is asked for 4 or 6 marks, then they need to describe it in detail. The NCERT Class 10 SST Solutions will provide a better idea to students. Also, it will help in improving their answer writing and presenting skills.

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